How Garage Door Opener Works?

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After repeated and excessive usage for over a long time, the garage door opener finally dies, most often – while it’s being closed. It silently goes off without much drama – no loud snap sound is created while the torsion springs break, not even a single part dangle loose on the ground, and the motor sill lights up in its usual function, strains a little and finally stops. Maybe your opener started declining the day you closed your door on your car’s bumper, or during the last big freeze. Regardless of what caused damaged to your opener, here’s everything you need to know before calling in a professional.

How Garage Door Opener Works

Anatomy of the Opener

Your garage door opener comprises of the following items:

#1 Motor and Gears

A garage door opener in NJ motor comprises of ½ hp and 6 amp machine which is hooked to 120 volt of outlet. All this together takes the load to overcome the inertia of a stopped door. This machine also takes control of the door in transit to prevent sudden crashing of the door on the garage floor.

#2 Drive Guide

The T-rail shields and guides the belt, chain and screw as the door is opened or closed. It is used as a bridge to connect the operator to the trolley which is then connected to the door.

#3 Height Adjustments

The operator settings actually determine the distance to which the door travels. The machine instantly kicks in if the door does not open or close completely or to arrest the motion of door while it’s being operated. Here again, the force with which the door moves can also be adjusted such that the door stops moving when grabbed.

You can also watch a video below on How Garage Door Opener Works below for a more practical idea:

You can also read an interesting and informative how to guide on garage door installation here.

#4 Inverter and Battery

To own smaller and more efficient motors, majority of the garage door openers make use of DC current. An inverter toggles the household AC power to DC; this is again used to charge the battery backup system which immediately kicks off during power cuts.

Basic Mechanics of Garage Door Openers

Almost all garage door openers work on the same mechanical principle. The door opener comes into motion when its electric motor is energized via a dual set of motor contractors. Later these motor contractors rotate the motor clockwise which ultimately opens up your garage door. Similarly, when the motor rotates in anti-clockwise direction, it leads to closing of the door.

This ‘off’ sequence of the garage door is performed by the small limit switches which are ideally positioned to accurately close and open the door. A bi-cycle type long chain is available to translate this rotational motion of the motor to lower or raise the door.

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