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10 Simple Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Transform Your Garden Space

Do you have an empty patio, balcony, lawn, veranda, backyard, or open space?
What about adorning it with some creative outdoor furniture? Yes, you can do it yourself or consider taking help from a professional handyman service provider near you. It really doesn’t take a lot of skill or an artistic flair.
Just you need to know what a right pick for your outdoor space would be. To help you out, here are some easy ideas to give a try;

Hanging Lounge Chair
Hanging Lounge Chair
To have more fun and quality time, you can put together little efforts and creativity to make this hanging lounge chair. It is really simple to make, and you can do it over this weekend project. Just click here and follow step by step instructions.

Modern Sturdy Bench
Modern Sturdy Bench
Isn’t it a great looking bench? Well, this can be an amazing addition to your backyard. How? Checkout this step by step guide available on DIY Candy.

Pallet Table and Chairs
Pallet Table and Chairs
What about having a pallet set molded in a luxury furniture addition? So, now you can jump in on the pallet furniture and create this very cool table and chair set. Here are the complete details on how to proceed.

Concrete Side Table/Planter
Concrete Side Table
You will love to do this. Apart of being an interesting table, this can be used as a molded planter too. Have a look at this tutorial, it is simple and fun.

Outdoor Bar on Deck Railing
Outdoor Bar on Deck Railing
When it comes to some of the best DIY outdoor furniture ideas, this one has to be in the list. So, get set and use existing structures to make something more functional. You can now add value to your living space.
This can be done using existing deck railing. Just walk through this inspiring tutorial and create your own outdoor bar.

Outdoor Table with Hammock
Outdoor Table with Hammock
Get an amazing hiding place crafted from an old table frame. It just requires few Euro pallets. All you need to do is attach them together and tie a hammock on it. If you have kids at home, they will love you more for it! The DIY project is now available on Little Bit Funky.

Succulent Table Garden
Succulent Table Garden
There is no harm in going green. Hence, this idea is especially for those who want a greener addition. A nice little succulent garden in between your table will make your family dinners a little more interesting. Learn here to find out how it is done.

Flower Pot Table
Flower Pot Table
Another creative, yet easy to make outdoor table! If you don’t have much time this weekend, you can try this. Reason being, it will just need only a pair of terracotta pots, a dollar store pizza pan, and a few other things. Your flower pot table is all set to rock in your space. Find out the amazing tutorial here.

Wheel Barrow Bench
Wheel Barrow Bench
Don’t miss on this one! Design and create your own wheel barrow bench. As it can be done solo, you won’t need much help in accomplishing it. Dig in here for the full tutorial.

Log Lounger
Log Lounger
This time don’t throw away your yard waste in landfills or a fireplace. Instead you can plan for this log lounger. It is a great way to have sturdy outdoor furniture ready. You can find out more details on how to make it here.

So, now you can deck up your patio, lawn, backyard or any other open space required. These are perfect to spruce up the entire area without breaking the bank.

Which one you loved the most?

Have some other idea to share? Don’t forget to mention the same in the comment box.

Tips to Make a Perfect Outdoor View of Your Home

Perfect Outdoor View

There’s a huge array of outdoor decor ideas that you can implement in order to achieve a deck or garden of dreams. All you have to do is prioritize how to use the area before making a decorating decision. Since, this can be confusing for homeowners; we have here in this article discussed a few tips of how you can make a perfect outdoor view of your home.
1.  It is really important for homeowners to achieve a sense of privacy in the outdoor space. This can be achieved by enclosing the space with tall wooden fence or wall. This is a simple way to add structure to your garden or yard. You can now transform the place into a comfortable area to relax and enjoy with your family.

2.  Another easy tip to add ambiance to your garden or backyard is to add outdoor fountains, wind chimes and comfortable seating. Such special garden features enhance the quality of time spent outside. The pleasant site and sound of falling water from a fountain can make the yard feel like an oasis, and the soothing sounds of the chimes cancel out all the annoying sounds so you can relax. Outdoor clocks, garden arts etc also add visual interest to the outdoor space.

3.  Shade is essential in the summers for all kinds of backyard activities and to add that extra bit of decor. There are two primary ways you can add shade to the yard. One, you can extend the roof of the house to cover the patio. This however is an expensive option. So, the second and more economical way is to create a shade arbor. An arbor outdoors covered with vines makes a great shade on a hot summer day.

4.  Keeping your garden well trimmed and tidy is really important for a perfect looking outdoor space. To take care of the garden and make it really easy for yourself, you can use eco-friendly robotic lawn mowers. Robotic lawn mowers are battery powered, rechargeable autonomous lawn movers, which can easily tame the lawn for you as you sit sipping on your cup of Joe.

5.  A simple and really environmentally conscious way to make your outdoor space look perfect is to plant a few trees in the yard. You can choose the most evocative planting combinations and go ahead. In case you already have shrubs and trees in your yard, and there is no scope for new ones, you can enhance the look of the yard by pruning and trimming the trees. By just pruning and trimming the unwanted branches and shrubs, you can enhance the look of your garden. Frankly speaking, this is the most inexpensive way to create a new looking outdoor space.

6.  Beautiful outdoors are made in a variety of styles and there are many customizable options to achieve it. One easy way to enhance the outdoor appearance of the home is by properly laying out the path leading to the house. There are many options than cheap concrete paving we often see. You can choose from reclaimed timber, encaustic tiles, patterned concrete tiles or gravel. With Gravel you just need to ensure that you lay it properly rather than just scattering it like crumbs on the surface.

Following the aforementioned tips and contact to Hays NJ team for achieve an outdoor space, which will make many neighbors envy you.

Interesting Facts about Locks And Locksmiths

Most of us have been locked out of our homes and cars at some time or the other. In both these situations it was the friendly neighborhood locksmith who put us out of our misery. And they just don’t stop at that; they can also provide you with a bunch of spare keys, as back up for the future. They have an interesting job profile that comes across tricky situations quite often.
Let’s look at some trivia about the locksmith community.

Dead Bolts Are A Piece Of Cake

The main talent of a locksmith is to spot a faulty dead bolt and fix it right away. Even the most up-to-date dead bolts fixed by the best in the market get problematic after some time. They can also inspect and let you know if it has not been installed the right away. Hence, if not for a locksmith, you would never know that your dead bolt is an open invitation for a burglar.

Check the ID Before You Open Up

No matter whether you are locked out of your car or home, ask for an ID before you let a stranger fiddle with the lock. Most locksmiths comment that the customers are in such a state of panic that checking the ID is the last thing on their mind. As a rule always ask for proper identification. A little delay is better than an unsafe situation.

We All Loathe At Competition

During an emergency people tend to lose focus and end up making bad decisions. The common situation most locksmith face, is arriving at a party where their competitors are already there and another one is on the way. If you are locked out calling every locksmith in town will really not help. In the locksmith book of etiquettes, that is the most insulting and rude thing that you can do to a professional. Carpenters NYC have also faced the same situation often.

Duplication Is A Skill Not A Talent

Most locksmiths are known to duplicate any kind of key in the market. That’s not a talent they inherited from their genes, it’s a skill that is acquired by years of experience. Even the keys that are sold in the category ‘do not duplicate’ are duplicated all the time. So irrespective of whether you have a car, house, security lock or a vault, believe me its key can be duplicated.

Pay More and Be Sure

Similar to other highly skilled trades, be ready to pay more to an expert in locksmith services. He knows what he is doing and is charging you accordingly. The greater the reputation the higher the amount that will be charged for the same service especially if it’s in the middle of the night. But remember the security of your family is at stake and nothing comes before that. And they just don’t come handy when in trouble they also make our homes secure by installing sophisticated security systems.

We Are Invisible With the Law

A lot of the locksmiths work in close ranges with the cops. They are the ones who are called at 3AM when the police needs to enter a house and install the bugs in place.

How to Install Solid Wood Floors in Bathrooms

Are you planning to transform your bathroom space, cabinets and solids with hardwood flooring? Do you still consider it as a doubtful decision?


Just follow the steps below and see how you can install wooden flooring in a bathroom easily. Experienced handymen in New Jersey suggest you to do the following:

Opting For Appropriate Flooring

Continuing dampness and humidity is a major factor that can weigh the selection of correct bathroom flooring. The concern might show results like cupping or swelling with wooden portions and can come up as obvious gaps.

Floor boards that are engineered in vertical layers like plywood are more flat for moments and diminish chances for development of gaps.

However, it’s suggested that essentials like warranty and specifications about product installation must be taken under priority.

Setting up the Subfloor

Subfloor is the prior level of floor that sets the foundation for wooden flooring. This former step is directly dependent on the floor type you have.

For instance, with a plywood floor, fill the reoccurring gaps with leveling compound. In case of a concrete floor, you will have to level the bumping surface with hammer knocks.

Subsequent to this, protect the base with a good moisture barrier. For this purpose use plastic or tar paper, assuring that no gaps with wall ends are left undone.

In case, you notice deposits of moisture on the plastic after few days of installation, the surface should be left open so that it dries off completely.

Installing Solid Wood Floors

Wooden floorboards that are directly glued to the concrete floor will get alleviated with moisture mounting in the bathroom. However, covering the concrete flooring with appropriate moisture barrier is a more suggestive approach for such concerns.

You can directly nail the barrier to the floor or rest them in rectangular sleepers. The implication will even be a plus for room insulation.

With installation of wooden floors, the surface will get elevated and there might be a need to trim the doors from bottom. Similarly, you will have to come up with suitable transitions where new floor assembles with the present one.

Nail the Wooden Floor

When you done with subfloor, the only step you are left with is to nail down the wooden flooring. If you have previously done wooden flooring in any house space, the steps are roughly the same.

For first timers, start laying 1- 2 course of wooden flooring along the wall and gradually move towards the core of the space. However, remember to drive the nails through floor and secure them with the wall.

Moreover, minor gap between flooring and wall should be left unoccupied. This space will be taken when the flooring start expanding and consequently diminishes the chances of split openings.

How Garage Door Opener Works?

After repeated and excessive usage for over a long time, the garage door opener finally dies, most often – while it’s being closed. It silently goes off without much drama – no loud snap sound is created while the torsion springs break, not even a single part dangle loose on the ground, and the motor sill lights up in its usual function, strains a little and finally stops. Maybe your opener started declining the day you closed your door on your car’s bumper, or during the last big freeze. Regardless of what caused damaged to your opener, here’s everything you need to know before calling in a professional.

How Garage Door Opener Works

Anatomy of the Opener

Your garage door opener comprises of the following items:

#1 Motor and Gears

A garage door opener in NJ motor comprises of ½ hp and 6 amp machine which is hooked to 120 volt of outlet. All this together takes the load to overcome the inertia of a stopped door. This machine also takes control of the door in transit to prevent sudden crashing of the door on the garage floor.

#2 Drive Guide

The T-rail shields and guides the belt, chain and screw as the door is opened or closed. It is used as a bridge to connect the operator to the trolley which is then connected to the door.

#3 Height Adjustments

The operator settings actually determine the distance to which the door travels. The machine instantly kicks in if the door does not open or close completely or to arrest the motion of door while it’s being operated. Here again, the force with which the door moves can also be adjusted such that the door stops moving when grabbed.

You can also watch a video below on How Garage Door Opener Works below for a more practical idea:

You can also read an interesting and informative how to guide on garage door installation here.

#4 Inverter and Battery

To own smaller and more efficient motors, majority of the garage door openers make use of DC current. An inverter toggles the household AC power to DC; this is again used to charge the battery backup system which immediately kicks off during power cuts.

Basic Mechanics of Garage Door Openers

Almost all garage door openers work on the same mechanical principle. The door opener comes into motion when its electric motor is energized via a dual set of motor contractors. Later these motor contractors rotate the motor clockwise which ultimately opens up your garage door. Similarly, when the motor rotates in anti-clockwise direction, it leads to closing of the door.

This ‘off’ sequence of the garage door is performed by the small limit switches which are ideally positioned to accurately close and open the door. A bi-cycle type long chain is available to translate this rotational motion of the motor to lower or raise the door.

Hope you would get some good information here on How Garage Door Opener Works. If you have any doubt or want to get more information you can get in touch with ASAP Garage Doors Services.

How to Plan & Save on Home Repairs

It takes no particular talent to be able to get a mortgage approved. Majority of the Americans do that at one point or the other. But if you think getting a mortgage or even paying back the entire loan amount signifies ‘happy ending,’ you’re wrong.

Each building (and many of its movable or stationery components) wears off with time and they need timely repairs. Done well, you can protect your property investment and even make sure it grows in value.

Here’s a short guide on how to plan and save on home repairs

Step 1: Plan Seasonal Inspections

Make it a point to have all movable components such as garage doors, windows, ceiling fans etc. checked at least once in a year. If there’re any problems, they can be sorted out by an experienced handyman on time, thus saving you from escalated expenses as well as discomfort at a later stage.

Step 2: Have an Ongoing Home Repair Checklist

As you jiggle between home and office/university, you’ll have little time available to track various home repairs that need be carried out on a priority. You cannot possibly remember that you noticed paint wearing off your living room wall last month, cracks in vinyl sliding last week, Air Conditioner’s humming sounds last winter and other such issues.

This is where an ongoing home repair checklist will help. When you think you’ve 5-6 pending home repair tasks, call HAYS.

Although our expert technicians work quietly and wrap up repair jobs quickly, it is still advisable to deal with as many issues in one go as possible.

Step 3: One Stop Service Provider

If you try working with multiple professionals, chances are you’d end up paying a whole lot more! Also, you won’t be getting discounts or guarantees that only established companies such as Handyman at Your Service (HAYS) can provide.

Call us at 732-360-7770, 201-335-7222 today!

Let us help you plan a home repair schedule for you.