How to Plan & Save on Home Repairs

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It takes no particular talent to be able to get a mortgage approved. Majority of the Americans do that at one point or the other. But if you think getting a mortgage or even paying back the entire loan amount signifies ‘happy ending,’ you’re wrong.

Each building (and many of its movable or stationery components) wears off with time and they need timely repairs. Done well, you can protect your property investment and even make sure it grows in value.

Here’s a short guide on how to plan and save on home repairs

Step 1: Plan Seasonal Inspections

Make it a point to have all movable components such as garage doors, windows, ceiling fans etc. checked at least once in a year. If there’re any problems, they can be sorted out by an experienced handyman on time, thus saving you from escalated expenses as well as discomfort at a later stage.

Step 2: Have an Ongoing Home Repair Checklist

As you jiggle between home and office/university, you’ll have little time available to track various home repairs that need be carried out on a priority. You cannot possibly remember that you noticed paint wearing off your living room wall last month, cracks in vinyl sliding last week, Air Conditioner’s humming sounds last winter and other such issues.

This is where an ongoing home repair checklist will help. When you think you’ve 5-6 pending home repair tasks, call HAYS.

Although our expert technicians work quietly and wrap up repair jobs quickly, it is still advisable to deal with as many issues in one go as possible.

Step 3: One Stop Service Provider

If you try working with multiple professionals, chances are you’d end up paying a whole lot more! Also, you won’t be getting discounts or guarantees that only established companies such as Handyman at Your Service (HAYS) can provide.

Call us at 732-360-7770, 201-335-7222 today!

Let us help you plan a home repair schedule for you.

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