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You Need to Ditch These 6 Home Design Trends in 2018

While the year is approaching towards its mid, there are good chances that you have started sifting through 2018 resolutions. It might be fine with your personal life but when as far as reinventing your living space is concerned, you need to be little more particular.
As per the report released by Trulia in December, only 6 % of homeowners plan to sell their home in 2018. Also 16% say plan to sell their home in the next two years. Simply, renovations are likely being on the rise in the coming year.
So,whether you are taking up renovation yourself or you choosing an expert handyman in NYC for the same, you need to know what to avoid.
Find out here some trends which seriously need to be kept out of the sight. Have a look:

Industrial Design
Industrial Design
The industrial trend arrived years back when former industrial buildings were renovated into loft-style living spaces. From ductwork, steel finishes, exposed pipes, to warehouse-style lighting, it has been loved for that really cool effect. But now the trend must go! Welcome the mixture of styles and leave it to the lofts. You can implement industrial style in small doses.

Cement tiles
Cement Tiles
These have been a top choice for few years now. From backsplashes to laundry room, cement tiles have marked their presence everywhere. And now this must be stopped! Certainly, these look great, but you cannot overlook the fact that longevity is an issue. Secondly, the most common patterns are too bold, too graphic, and too bright, which don’t fit well into short spaces.
Pro tip: Even if you still want to go for this trend, prefer well-crafted design with appropriate pattern and color to make it a good choice for years to come.

Neutrals Decor
Homes with neutral palettes have been admired for varying reasons. But now it is time to welcome richer color schemes. People are fed up of grays, whites, and similar shades. You can have them in the background but ensure to incorporate bold colors in the forefront. So even if you have recently invested in neutral hues, you can prefer an easy change.

Chevron pattern
Chevron Pattern
This is another older style, a simple zigzag pattern which comes in two colors, that has been inescapable for the past few seasons. 2017 has seen the best version of the pattern in everything. From lampshades to backsplashes, it was omnipresent. However, you cannot ignore the fact that these don’t look good in adult living spaces.

Tropical prints
Tropical Prints
This fanciful and exotic trend has made you feel like you are on a vacation. Regardless of this, the style tends to burn out very fast. Having pineapple, the flamingo, or the philodendron leaf, is not recommended. Such fun aesthetic and bohemian-styled interiors cater to be loud patterns, which seems to be good for a season. If you are in a tropical climate, you will gradually feel out of place after summer has passed.

Cactus Decor
Going green is the theme. But cactus decor was the win-win option for last year. In 2018, say no to spiky succulents in the corners of our living rooms. Being absolutely overdone, these look too edgy. It is hood to appreciate the desert beauty, but kitschy cactus prints aren’t recommended. You can leave the prickly plants to your yard space.
Lastly, you can sit together with your handyman to discuss on what things are good for your space. Being in the industry for years, they are well-versed with the latest trends and practices.

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Summer vacations are one of the most awaited times. Whether young or old, everyone in the family loves to pack their stuff and spend some time off their home. And if you have made any such plans, that’s really great!
But wait!

Are you prepared?
No, it’s not just about shopping and packing necessary stuff which you will need on your vacation. It is more important- your home’s security. So, have you planned something for the same?
In case, you missed on this part, here are some crucial steps to consider right away, to make sure your home and belongings remain just as you left them.

Wi-Fi Cameras
Wi-Fi Cameras
Want a most reliable solution? Go for stand-alone security cameras. The best part is that you will get an app provided by the camera company which can be used on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can view your house interior or exterior, as per your need. And the footage can be viewed in real-time or if required, past footage can be pulled up from an archive.

Install a Home Security System
Home Security System
Do you know around 60% of convicted burglars have stated that the presence of an alarm make them pass on a house and move onto another one? So, if you haven’t installed one, don’t delay. You can consult a professional and get the job done at the earliest.

No Hidden Spare Keys
Spare Keys
For those who are into habit of keeping extra or spare keys of their property need to know that it can be a source for a thief. Hence, the best option is to remove the keys as soon as possible. You can give it to a trusted neighbor or friend. Or you can also plan to install a keyless electronic entry system.

Don’t shout out on Social Media
Social Media
It might appear to be more of fun to announce your upcoming trip to Bali on Facebook. But don’t you think that such an announcement can let the would-be thieves know about your absence. So, avoid public or semi-public announcements about your vacation plan. You can tell your friends in person, if required.

Lights on a Timer
Lights on a Timer
Don’t let your house be in dark. Actually, a dark place serves to be an open invitation for the robbers. Hence, for those hours when homes are normally active, i.e. 6 pm to 10 pm, set a timer for lights. Simply, you can plug a couple of floor lamps into easily available programmed timers. These are inexpensive and give the impression of human activity during those hours.

Let your Car in the Driveway
Having no car in your parking gives away the message that no one is home. So, why not leave a car in your driveway. In case, you are driving your car wherever you are going, you can ask a neighbor or friend to park theirs in your driveway, while you are gone.

Secure your Valuables
Secure your Valuables
In every house, there are some highly important valuables and these have to be secured while you are away from home. When you are out on vacation, burglars have the luxury of time to find valuables and steal them away from poorly secured places like lockboxes. So, the solution in investing a home safe that bolts to the floor.

This was the ultimate vacation preparation checklist ensuring safety of your house. So, if you want your vacation to be relaxing and worry-free, it becomes vital to prepare your home before you leave. No matter where you go this holiday season, follow these to keep your apartment safe and sound.