The Best Handyman Services in Barnegat—HAYS NJ

Handyman at Your Service (HAYS), after spreading its goodwill far and wide, has now come in to your own hometown, Barnegat Ocean, to cater to all your household needs.
From plumbing to art installations and from locksmith to cleaning and flooring services, we are a one-time solution to all your household problems.
HAYS in Barnegat, NJ aims at offer easily accessible and affordable solutions to all your household problems by coming at your doorstep which might be anywhere in or around Barnegat.
Our handymen are always ready to answer your call—be it anytime of the day, 24*7 we’re there for you!
Just call us at call us at 201-335-7222, 732-360-7770 to fix same day appointment or schedule to your convenience.

Why Choose HAYS NJ?

Well, we might be the newest handyman services to start in this part of the country, but certainly we’ve our own legacy. Our clients from New Jersey and New York have expressed 100% satisfaction for our services, which we hold in high esteem.
Besides being adequately professional in our outlook and skills, we’re also backed by an experience that’s worth nearly two decades. Also, we can guarantee that after the completion of our task, you shall never be dissatisfied by the work of our laborers. Your Satisfaction is Our Aim.

Our Services

We cater to a varied array of services which ranges from both indoor to the outdoor ones. Additional to that, our services also offer a complete renovation of the exterior and interior of any private or official property.

Get in Touch With Us

Getting in touch with us is really easy. In order to book an appointment or our services, you just have to call us at 201-335-7222 or 732-360-7770 or simply write to us at
Feel free to contact us at any time of the day – we shall be there at your door-step to solve all your problems.

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