HAYS BASS RIVER BURLINGTON—A One-Stop Handyman Service Provider

Finally we, Handyman At Your Service (HAYS), are finally here, in Bass River Burlington, to cater in all your dilemmas and problems regarding technical matters concerning your house.
Buildings are one of the most important things around, and if not taken proper care of, even small glitches can turn out to be major problematic affairs later on. So, without spending any more time, feel free to contact us and get a free consultation on all handyman problems right away!
You can call us at 201-335-7222, 732-360-7770. You can fix same day appointment with us or schedule to your convenience.

Why Choose HAYS NJ in New Jersey?

We might be one of the newest handyman service providers in your city, but we’ve been active in other big cities where we’ve repeatedly been recommended for our brilliant and effective services.
HAYS NJ is one service provider that has around two decades of experience and with a service that seemingly gets better with every single day. Besides, we’re a professional agency that aims to provide the best and the most dedicated service (be it something as small as an art installation service and as mammoth as a full house interior/exterior service) to all the clients—and all these at much subsidized rates than the other service providers.
However, the best bait is our 24*7 availability to all our customers and clients—you can call us at any point of the day with your slightest problem, and we shall gladly try to solve them out!

The Services We Provide at HAYS NJ

With the aim of being your one-stop solution to all your technical household problems, we bring to you an array of services. Some of them are listed below:





    3D ceiling installation



    Lock smith

    Air Conditioner


    Electrical Flooring

    Stretch Ceiling

So, now that that you know the variety of problems that we cater to, feel free to call us at 732-360-7770 and 201-335-7222. You can also write to us at customerservice@hays-nj.com

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