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Welcome to HAYS NJ in North Arlington, where professional, safe, reliable handyman services for your long ‘to do ‘list is just a call away. Residents have chosen to call us every time they need a handyman for any major or minor home repairs around the house. We are specialist in patching up your dry wall, repairing your rain gutter or any other quality repair around the house. Our motto is to do it on time and do it right every time.

We completely understand that a growing ‘to do’ list can make any home owner feel overwhelmed.

Call us today at 201-335-7222 and let us take over the list for you.

We totally understand that families are time constrained in the present times. We will work out a schedule according to your convenience and not let our team disrupt your daily life in any way.

We are ever thankful to the people of North-Arlington for trusting us and making us the most reliable, insured and bonded handyman service in the region. Call us anytime of the day or night, we are ready and at your service.

HAYS NJ the Most Affordable Services In North-Arlington

We offer the most unbeatable rates in the market. Clients are free to compare rates and take a decision after reading the reviews of what customers say about our services. All our projects small or big are completed with highest level of productivity and affordability.

So many times, we’ve seen that the homeowners avoid bargaining with handyman services for the best prices, and in doing so keep delaying the repair work.

Get flat service quotes from us the first time – the quotes are reasonable and hence to need for hard negotiations.

You can get a free no-obligation quote on phone or email.

Call us at 201-335-7222 or write to us at customerservice@hays-nj.com