Premium Residential 3D Ceiling Installation from HAYS NJ

Do you wish to modernize your property? Be it your home or office premises, you certainly want something new & eye pleasing to impress your guests and clients alike.

At HAYS NJ – we specialize in providing you just that!

With over many years of industry experience, we are known to provide premium quality, superior, safe and practically economical stretch ceiling solutions to all our customers.
For a free quote on stretch ceiling, call HAYS NYC at 732-360-7770, 201-335-7222, 201-335-7222 right away!

We specialize in providing high-class 3D ceilings in NJ for a wide array of applications.

Why Hire Our Services?

A 3d ceiling is a decorative canvas that adds new properties to your space. At HAYZ NJ, we understand that it is not every day that you shop for a 3D ceiling in NJ.

Whether it is printed, light, thermal performance or adding acoustic comfort to your room – our specialists by making use of our world class technology improve the fitting of your stretch canvas enhancing the look and feel of your space.

How Do the Professionals at HAYS NJ Work?

The installation and servicing of the 3d ceilings is carried out by our highly trained professionals.

  • Simple preparatory work followed by fitting in a few hours
  • We make sure we leave a dry worksite – no dust & no smell
  • No drying time is required
  • Premises available for immediate use

As soon as we’re done with the installation, the stretch canvas will be cleaned where ever necessary. All coverings and tools would be removed from the area, leaving the room clean and tidy. Finally our experts will provide you with the aftercare instructions.